Puppy Imprinting

Puppies sure can be cute!!!  However, not everyone is up for 3am screaming puppy playtime, potty breaks every half an hour, and constant vigilant supervision.
Do you want to bypass the hardest part of raising your puppy? 
Happy Tails Puppy Imprinting Program offers you the chance to have your puppy raised by one of our certified trainers!
Your puppy will undergo thorough socialization during this key time of development, crate training and house training will be introduced, and they will learn basic obedience and manners such as sitting to greet people instead of jumping when they get excited.  
Like the sounds of starting out with a well mannered and socialized puppy?  Contact Happy Tails today to learn more about our Puppy Imprinting Program!
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Another great option for those who would like to skip the puppy fun, is to adopt an older pet in need of a forever home. 
​A great place to meet adoptable pets of any age is your local Humane Society, stop in for a visit!