Doggie Daycare

Because a tired dog is a good dog!

Happy Tails Doggie Daycare is a wonderful and unique experience for your pooch:
Our staff are certified trainers and behaviour therapists, allowing us to help your dog overcome anxieties and inappropriate behaviours in a social environment, while ensuring everyone has a great time!
Special attention is paid to self control, including offered sits, not jumping on or mouthing staff and volunteers, and occasional name check-ins during play.
Flexible space and barriers allow the energy to be controlled according to individual dog's requirements, and specially selected floors help reduce the risk of injury to your dog.
Seeking some canine interaction for your dog but not sure if they will enjoy Doggie Daycare?  Check out our Training and Behaviour Therapy options.
Happy Tails Doggie Daycare fees (+ HST):

Per day                                 $30
Package of 5 days        $140 
Package of 10 days     $270

Puppies under 6 months get their first day FREE!

Any social dogs 8 weeks of age and older may attend daycare.
All dogs over 6 months of age MUST be Spayed or Neutered.
Happy Tails Doggie Daycare & Training reserves the right to refuse any dog with dog or human aggression. 
All dogs must be fully up to date on vaccines and on flea prevention. Proof of vaccines will be required before attending any services at Happy Tails.
Drop off is from 7:00am to 10:00am, pick up is from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. Special arrangements may be made in advance for early drop or late pick up, please ask for more details.
Sick or injured dogs will be asked not to attend for the health and safety of everyone.
​Space is limited so                          today to make your reservation!!!
A safe and positive environment for your dog to make some new friends and get plenty of exercise!
Experienced staff always on hand to help teach your dog self control and appropriate play behaviours.
Large breed, small breed, and mixed breed days allow us to ensure your dog is comfortable with the level of stimulation and energy!
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